Safety & Light-Weighting – Special Feature – Kam-Avida Enviro Engg


Kam-Avida is the industry’s first and only ISO 9002:2015 company operating in the solid and liquid waste management sectors. It manufactures wide range of cleaning equipment from pipe and drain cleaners to truck mounted solid waste collection vehicles, sweepers and pneumatic conveying equipment. Diverse and rich experience in the manufacturing of special purpose vehicles has enabled the company to look at new avenues for growth and its recent foray in this direction has been into road repair segment. Mr. Ramjan Mulla, Manager, Design and Development, Kam-Avida Enviro Engg. Pvt. Ltd., Pune, briefs his observations on the subject topic.

Mr. Ramjan Mulla, Manager, Design and Development, Kam-Avida Enviro Engg. Pvt. Ltd.


Mandatory and other safety requirements

We at Kam-Avida, are very proud to be associated with the “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan” Our company’s philosophy is to provide cleaning and maintenance equipment with ease and dignity. We are one of the leading manufacturers of mobile equipment for collection and transportation of solid and liquid waste. Our machines are equipped with various safety features. These features take care of the equipment, users, maintainers and environment.

In our liquid waste management equipment, our machinery is equipped with a primary shut off, secondary shut off, pressure-vacuum relief valves, various gauges and level indicators with visual as well as electronic controls.

Similarly, in our solid waste management equipment, our machinery is fitted with pressure relief valves, double acting cylinders, direction and flow control valves, hose burst valves, electronic interlocks, etc.

Hence, we could safely assume that our equipment performs all mandatory safety measures and more!

Our major components like pressure vessels, mounting skids et al are properly selected and designed to ensure an optimal configuration both in quality of machinery plus safety parameters.  Various special checks are considered while performing fabrication of hydraulic systems as well as electrical work. We also refer to the Body Builders Guide Book for dos and don’ts.

Since our equipment is mounted on chassis, while configuration and manufacturing we are required to follow all rules pertaining to the chassis too! We are very particular about the Motor Vehicle Act Rules Regulation References with a specific focus on rear overhang, equipment height, width and load distributions.

Safety features and highlights in operations

We at Kam are constantly in touch with Chassis Manufacturers. We are required to keep ourselves with the latest norms and improvements. To ensure proper performance of our machines as well as the chassis that it is mounted on, we conduct various field related training programs for operators and drivers.

PPMS for equipment – chassis is of foremost importance and is essential both for longevity of equipment life as optimum cost effectiveness.