Roots forays into manufacture of EVs and electronic products


If you are visiting Auto Expo 2018, you may have borrowed a ride from the newly manufactured electric-driven buggy made by Roots Industries to go from one hall to another. Roots has launched its own EVs for in-campus use in, as recent as, January this year. Cashing in on the EV mood of the automotive industry, Roots is not only making EVs but also sub-systems for this new segment under its own name.

Mr. K Saravanasundaram, Executive Director (fourth from right) with the dedicated Roots Industries team

Mr. K Saravanasundaram, Executive Director, Roots Industries shared: “We started our EV division in December last year. To begin with, we will be manufacturing them for educational institutions, hospitals, golf resorts and airports. We will be depending on our in-house R&D for developing both the EVs and for sub-systems. Our partner company also has products developed for EV segment and we are planning to collaborate with them for not only some of our products but also for the OEMs.  But designing will be developed in-house.”

Last year, the company launched its battery disconnect switch besides other products especially in electronics including DC-to-DC convertors, smart USB chargers and others, primarily focused on the truck and off-road segments. Mr. Saravanasundaram added: “We work with global and domestic OEMs and have seen time and again that the battery disconnect switches are made locally here are not used by the global OEMs present in India. They import it. So we want to indigenize this product and support them. And the next generation which will be electronic disconnect switch is under development.”

With a brand recall value extremely high, Roots wishes to be right at the top in electronic products and in the EV segment as well.









Feb18 Dec17