ACMA ‘Safer Drives’ pavilion – a huge hit with visitors


Be it ‘safety’ roadshows or throwing a virtual driving challenge to those interested in knowing how ‘safe’ they are as drivers, ACMA’s Safer Drives was a huge hit with the visitors.

Safer Drives is an umbrella program under ACMA where all its members, the aftermarket division and their other stakeholders are actively involved.

Mr. Ramashankar Pandey, Chairman, ACMA Aftermarket Committee, shared: “The Aftermarket Committee of ACMA has taken up the challenge of reducing fatalities on our roads. Two years ago, we created an umbrella concept called ACMA Safer Drives and within that we have created a recognition of genuine and spurious auto parts. Under this drive, we want to educate drivers, mechanics, retailers and dealers. We have roadshows being conducted across the country and educating technicians, retailers and dealers urging them to take ‘Safety Pledge’. We create awareness among them to use standard parts and services. This, we feel, will go a long way in creating alertness among masses against getting cheated.”

Thronging visitors to the ACMA Safer Drives display vied for an opportunity to test their skills as ‘safe drivers’ as the virtual test proved a fun way for many.

Mr. Pandey added: “In the near future, we are planning to bring out an ACMA Super Catalogue for spare parts which will educate the consumer about using the right and genuine parts for their vehicles. Today, he has a narrow choice to make between either high-end OE parts or road side parts. But now, we want to bring out genuine parts to the consumer at an affordable price in the open market. This way we are digitizing and organizing the aftermarket trade. This will be an open source catalogue and people can build their software on to it.”

Supporting the cause at the ACMA Safer Drives pavilion were ACMA members namely Elofic Industries, Continental Automotive Components, Hella, UNO Minda, ASDC and Harita among others.









Feb18 Dec17