Schmitz Cargobull’s new generation trailers for non-European markets


Schmitz Cargobull AG has unveiled the new S.HD general cargo trailer generation for non-European markets. The heavy duty trailers, manufactured at the company’s state-of-the-art production facility in the Chinese city of Wuhan, have been designed to handle a variety of different transport tasks under the most difficult conditions.

S.GM General Cargo Trailer HD Gruppe

While the infrastructure in the large urban agglomerations in China and other emerging nations is well developed, it is often somewhat rougher in rural areas. This is precisely the terrain for the S.HD Universal semi-trailer from Schmitz Cargobull. The running gear of the trailer is equipped with leaf springs and twin and single tyres as an option, and proves capable of handling any situation. In the case of impact damage, the modular design system with a bolted axle block ensures that parts can be quickly replaced without the need for welding in the workshop.

For S.HD to retain its value in everyday operations, Schmitz Cargobull relies on hot-galvanised steel components for surface protection. The body of the S.HD UNIVERSAL also consists of hot-galvanised materials. The folding dropsides between the stanchions can be removed individually during loading and unloading. Through the stable roof bow, a PVC tarpaulin can be easily laid over the body as a privacy screen and to protect against weather effects. Its numerous locking devices ensure optimal tensioning of the tarpaulin. A large number of load securing points are available for fastening of ropes, belts or chains for lashing down the freight. These allow palletised goods to be secured just as efficiently as machines or other bulk goods.

The trailer’s different body variants show the customer-specific transport solutions. The S.HD Flatbed easily accommodates large-sized components, machines or steel beams. Numerous stable load securing points are integrated in the chassis of the trailer so that the load does not slide. In addition, the chassis can be upgraded for container transport with optionally eight or 12 twist locks embedded in the floor. This allows the transport of either one 40-foot container or two 20-feet containers.

The flexibility and robustness continues in the S.HD Construction variant with solid dropsides. Palletised goods can thus be transported just as efficiently as weather-resistant or loose goods, or building material. To make partial loading or unloading as simple as possible, the five dropsides on each side can be opened individually. Durability and stability are also paramount in this trailer.

The S.HD Coal combines a robust body with maximum access to the cargo area through three double wing doors on each side together with an additional double wing door at the rear. This vehicle version features a loading height of 1,800 mm in order to optimally transport construction materials or packaged bulk goods, for example. The reinforced stanchions provide high strength and reliable door closure when the trailer is fully loaded. Every wing door on the trailer is secured with two stainless steel rod locks.