Lamilux India’s solution-based approach reaping rich dividends


Lamilux, one of the world leaders in providing light-weight glassfiber-reinforced plastic (GRP)/fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) solutions for a wide range of applications, made its strong presence felt at the India Cold Chain Show 2017. The German firm has been offering solutions for customers in the Indian market for sandwich panel construction for truck bodies and many other applications through its subsidiary, Lamilux India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Oliver Liebsch, Managing Director, Lamilux India Pvt. Ltd., (centre) flanked by his colleagues, Mr. Manjul Bhatia, Regional Technical Sales Manager, West India, (left) and Mr. Rohan Bellikatti, Regional Technical Sales Manager, South India and Sri Lanka, Lamilux India Pvt. Ltd.

Speaking exclusively to MOTORINDIA, Mr. Oliver Liebsch, Managing Director, Lamilux India Pvt. Ltd., said: “The India Cold Chain Show is a fantastic platform to showcase what we are capable of. Lamilux GRP has a lot of advantages compared to steel and aluminum. It can save on 60% of weight. GRP enables remote, repairing possibilities of damages and scratches. It reduces downtime by providing, consistent quality through continuous production process. It lasts long, is moisture resistant and non-corrosive. Good to see our customers displaying reefer containers built using our material. As you can see, almost all the vehicles displayed here are made with Lamilux GRP. They also carry our logo on their containers, which itself is a sign of Trust, Innovation & Quality.”

Lamilux India has its special emphasis on customer support. “Service and on-time support is our biggest USP. We don’t only sell the GRP but provide solutions. With that we ensure support to the customers with the right tools and machining knowhow. We give them the knowledge regarding the raw material. We want to be close to our customers and show our material (Seeing is believing) to potential customers at the cold chain show,” said Mr. Liebsch.

The Indian cold chain sector has undergone remarkable changes over the last 10 years. There is a lot of awareness of the quality of cold chain containers and trucks. “Today the knowledge and resources at disposal for thermal management, wastage of food, service quality is really high. There is immense potential in India and Lamilux is looking at it very seriously. In the future we may also focus on buses, portable containers, cold warehouses. In the bus industry one-millimeter steel against our material can save 65% of weight overall on the roof. It goes up 150 kg of weight to the GVW of the vehicle,” concluded Mr. Liebsch.









Feb18 Dec17